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Mini SkirtsMini Skirts - We are all about mini skirt types, short skirts, micro mini skirts, pleated miniskirt, tight mini skirt, leather mini skirt, girls mini skirts and mini skirt pics. No products here are sold by us.

Short skirts where useful links and images can be found. Also info on very short skirts and hot cheerleaders short skirts. You may find a selection of short skirts available here.

Short Skirts

The prices listed on this page are indicative US prices at September 2005 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

Here you will find some useful information, pictures and helpful links to short skirts.

Below is a list of some of the vast range of skirts available, there prices and where you may get them from.

Short Skirts

Women's Denim Short Skirts

This particular skirt, as shown above, comes in a rigid denim with zip fastening.

The graded lengths: 14-16ins. Washable. Cotton.

Price of the skirt is 12.00 ( Kays have a discount of 9.00 on this product). You can pay as little as 60p/week for 20 weeks for this skirt.

This skirt is available from

Short Skirts

Kronk Paradise Airlines Hostess short skirts

Kronk Paradise Airlines Hostess Mini Skirt in Chocolate

Some further details for this skirt includes:

100% Cotton, Cream Airplane print, Cream piping, Short splits on each side, Matching belt, Embroidered Hostess and Kronk logos, Paradise Airways print on reverse, Back pocket

19.00 from

Short Skirts

Miss Sixty Women's Denim Short Skirt

By Miss Sixty.

Features of this skirt are: Length: 12ins. Washable. 98% cotton, 2% elastane.

This skirt is available from for 33.00

We suggest some other stores that you can buy Short skirts from, and they include NEXT,, and also

Very Short SkirtsVery Short - Very short skirts. Products of short skirts, and links to where you can buy even more short skirts alike. We also have a couple of images of various ranges of short skirts.

Hot Cheerleaders Short SkirtsHot Cheerleaders - Hot cheerleaders short skirts. Pictures of cheerleader girls in short skirts, pleated hot cheerleader skirts, A-line no pleat skirt and access to online purchase of hot cheerleaders short skirts.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

BizRate UK - Compare, Buy and Review at BizRate UK - Short Denim Skirt search.

Additions Direct - Online Shopping from Additions Direct


Short Skirts

Short Skirts

Short Skirts

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