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Mini SkirtsMini Skirts - We are all about mini skirt types, short skirts, micro mini skirts, pleated miniskirt, tight mini skirt, leather mini skirt, girls mini skirts and mini skirt pics. No products here are sold by us.

Sexy mini skirts. Among the mini skirts on this page are blue plaid mini sexy mini skirt, Astra sexy mini skirt, Zipperella style mini skirt and Escante stretch slinky mini skirt set style and sexy mini skirts.

Sexy Mini Skirts

Welcome to the page on that is dedicated to some mini skirts that are sexy!. Here you will find links, images and information on a selection of sexy mini skirts.
Sexy Mini Skirts (Click to enlarge)

The prices listed on this page are indicative US prices at September 2005 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

Sexy Mini Skirts, Blue Plaid Mini

Blue Plaid Mini sexy mini skirt

The image above is an 2 Piece Mini Skirt Set includes Front Hook Top and Buckled Waist Pleated Mini Skirt.

Size: One Size

Color: Blue Plaid

Avaliable from for $65.95

Sexy Mini Skirts, Astra mini skirt

Astra Sexy mini skirt

The above picture shows a Holographic Dot Microfiber Halter Camisole with Ring Chain Detail, Skirt and Matching Thong.

Size: S-M-L

Color: Wine

Avaliable from for $38.95

Sexy Mini Skirts, Zipperella

Zipperella Style sexy mini skirt

The above image shows a stretch satin Bra top and sexy mini skirt with functioning zipper detail. Includes Matching Thong.

Size: S-M-L

Colour: Black

Avaliable from for $37.95

Sexy Mini Skirts

Escante Stretch Slinky sexy mini skirt Set Style

Stretch slinky micropoly with slinky trimmed bustline and halter tie neck with wide elastic waistband pleated micro mini skirt and heavy buckle belt.

Backorder selections.

Allow 3 to 4 weeks for shipping.

$33.70 each. Avaliable from

Sexy Mini Skirts, Lace Up Top Mini Skirt

Lace Up Top & Sexy Mini Skirts from feeling usa.

Micro fiber Mini Skirt with lace up sides and matching Top with lace up front.

Avaliable in black or Red

$36.95 from

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Sexy Mini Skirts

Sexy Mini Skirts

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