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We are all about mini skirt types, short skirts, micro mini skirts, pleated miniskirt, tight mini skirt, leather mini skirt, girls mini skirts and mini skirt pics. No products here are sold by us.

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Holly valance in a mini skirt (Click to enlarge)
Holly Valance in a Mini Skirt

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A brief history of mini skirts.

If one fashion item could sum up the 60s it would be the mini skirt. Opinion is split on who came up with the idea - the wise money would probably go on a Frenchman, Jean Courreges, but our own Mary Quant is widely accepted as having dreamt up the ever more daring hemline.

Within a year anybody who had the body to pull it off was wearing a mini skirt.

In New York the norm for a short skirt was 4-5 inches above the knee but over in Swinging London anything other than 7-8 inches above the knee was considered positively decent!

The usual look was to pair what little was left of the mini skirt with matching sweater and tights for a uniform look. When, in 1968, Jackie Kennedy wore a white Valentino miniskirt for her wedding to Aristotle Onassis its place at the pinnacle of fashion was most definitely confirmed.

Mini Skirts (click to enlarge)

Mini Skirt TypesMini Skirt Types - Information on mini skirt teen, high heels mini skirts, plaid mini skirts, womens mini skirts, denim mini skirts, 1969 mini skirts, Yoke cord mini skirts and more mini skirt types.

Short SkirtsShort Skirts - Short skirts where useful links and images can be found. Also info on very short skirts and hot cheerleaders short skirts. You may find a selection of short skirts available here.

Micro Mini SkirtsMicro Mini Skirts - Micro mini skirts. Sexy short shirts and mini skirts that are micro. Here you can find helpful information, pictures and external links to micro mini skirts.

Sexy Mini SkirtsSexy Skirts - Sexy mini skirts. Among the mini skirts on this page are blue plaid mini sexy mini skirt, Astra sexy mini skirt, Zipperella style mini skirt and Escante stretch slinky mini skirt set style and sexy mini skirts.

Pleated MiniskirtPleated Skirt - Pleated miniskirt. Information and links on mini skirt types, prices including plaid mini skirts and womens mini skirts. This page covers the pleated miniskirt.

Tight Mini SkirtTight Skirt - Tight mini skirt. Here you will find useful links and images on a selected range of tight mini skirt and tight leather mini skirt.

Leather Mini SkirtLeather Skirt - Leather mini skirt. On this page you will find info and images of leather mini skirts also you will be able to find mini skirt types and pink leather mini skirt.

Girls Mini SkirtsGirls Skirts - Girls mini skirts. Images and links to girls mini skirts, mini skirt types information on mini skirt teen, high heels mini skirts, plaid mini skirts, womens mini skirts and other mini skirt types.

Mini Skirt PicsSkirt Pics - Mini skirt pics, babes in mini skirts, models in mini skirts, teens in mini skirts, cheerleaders in mini skirts. Useful information and images at mini skirt pics

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Mini Skirts (click to enlarge)

Mini Skirts (Click to enlarge)

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